An SBI! Review by a Real SBI! User
"Why They are the Best!"

In 2004, I left my career as a high school administrator to be a stay home mom for my young daughter.  After a few years, I began to miss being involved in education as I’d worked as a school counselor and administrator for 20 years.  I felt strongly that I wanted to help parents navigate through the IEP process and I had many tips and strategies to share on how to achieve educational success.  But how was I going to master this?  Enter a great company…SBI!. 

Before SBI!, I had zero experience in creating or designing a web page.  Sure, I was computer literate, but I didn’t know how to code or create html text.  The term search engine was not in my vocabulary.  I had a friend whose husband had created a successful web site using SBI!, so I began researching the company.  I was quickly drawn to the owner Ken Evoy’s personable style, his ability to motivate and the easy platform SBI! had created for people like me who did not have a technical background or previous web page experience.   I also enjoyed his daughter’s success story and often viewed her web site to help me brainstorm and problem solve.

I bought the program and began reading and listening to the SBI! Action Guide.  Within a month, I had created my web page, Understanding Special and had over 60 pages of valuable content.  SBI! held my hand the entire way.  Despite my limited knowledge in web design, I didn't even have to contact tech support as the Action Guide made it so easy!  Soon, my pages were being ranked in the top 10 on Google.

SBI! is a great company and I’m not being paid to say this.   I love the weekly emails form Ken and his staff and can’t believe how much information, knowledge and support they offer to their subscribers.  I would highly recommend SBI! to anyone who is looking to start a web site or expand their company.  I am thinking of starting another web site that focuses more on my personal passion of vegan cooking and if I do, I will definitely use SBI! again.  I could have never taken my years of experience and transformed my ideas and words into an informational web site without SBI!.  Every day, I receive emails from parents seeking input and advice on the IEP process.  They are so grateful that my site is available to them free of charge.  And it’s all because of SBI!.

If you are thinking of creating a web site of your own, don’t go at it alone. I encourage you to check out SBI!.  Their yearly fee is insignificant compared to how much support and information you receive.  I could never have done my site without them.  SBI! web sites are diverse,  interesting and consistently rank in the top 1%.  And we all love SBI!  Don’t be fooled by fake reviews and lies.  Don't buy the tricks put out there by other sites that are just trying to get you to buy their services.  Trust real users like myself.  I hope you’ll join us!