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Understanding Special Education

The goal of this site is to empower parents to be the best possible advocate for their child. I hope to provide you with the most parent friendly information on special education law, learning disabilities, the IEP process and school success.Most of all, I want you to have the information you need right at your fingertips. It’s hard enough being a parent without worrying if your child is receiving the best possible services.  Check out my page highlighting the most frequently asked questions as well.


During the past 27 years, I witnessed first hand the frustration parents experienced while trying to navigate through the special education process. As a public school counselor and administrator, I felt that schools were not doing an adequate job in preparing parents to effectively participate in their child’s IEP meeting. As a parent myself, I know that we just want the best for our children, and that a great education is important to all of us.

If you're the type of person who prefers to learn at your own pace instead of reading through web pages, I've created something just for you. The web site can be downloaded directly to your computer as a PDF or it can be purchased as a hard copy workbook. The workbook incorporates all of the valuable information from this web site along with some additional tips and strategies. It also provides sample forms and letters that you can use to communicate with your school. Before purchasing, you should view the Parent IEP Guide, and Table of Contents to see if it would be an asset to your family.  For those of you who have a child with ADHD or a psychological condition, I strongly suggest you check out the 504 Parent Handbook.

I hope to hear from you as your comments and questions continue to help me provide the best possible information and resources. Please remember that I am not a personal advocate for hire nor is this a school opportunity for your child. My goal is to point you in the right direction so that you can find answers to your specific situation. My opinions are my own and I do not claim to be an expert on your child's specific educational needs.  To read more about SBI! and my wonderful experience, check out my SBI! review!

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Understanding Special Education
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Michele Hancock, M.S., P.P.S.

Have you always wanted to tell your story by creating your own web page?   If so, I highly recommend that you read how I created this site and see how easily you can too. If you have a dream or a special talent, maybe you should consider sharing it with the world!  SBI! is amazing!  Read more about my journey.

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