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The goal of this site is to empower parents to be the best possible advocate for their child by offering easy to read information on special education law, learning disabilities, the IEP process and school success. This site is informational and does not offer personalized advocacy services, opinions, advice, educational placement or diagnosis.  This site covers items that apply to all 50 states in the USA, but keep in mind that individual state and school districts use their own set of special education guidelines, procedures, acronyms and services. 

As a public-school counselor and former administrator, I've witnessed firsthand the frustration parents experience while navigating through the special education process. Unfortunately, many schools do not do an adequate job in preparing parents to effectively participate in their child’s IEP meeting and most parents do not realize they are a vital member of their IEP team. As a parent myself, I know we just want the best for our children, and that a great education is important to everyone.

All children deserve to have their dreams and wishes come true.

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Understanding Special Education
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